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Latest:   Nancy Karigithù seeks election as Sec Gen of IMONamibia leads in clean energy export with green & blue economy in HPPII.

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The Blue Economy is Africa’s Alternative Gold!

According to the African Development Bank, the ocean economy in Africa is estimated to be worth $1 trillion annually.
The tourism industry related to marine and coastal areas in Africa generates around $26 billion annually and supports over 12 million jobs.

$1 T
47000 km

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Africa is ranked as the continent with the most innovative potential; where the best opportunities for disruptive innovations could arise.

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What is the Role of Small Scale Fishermen in the Blue Economy?

A Global Movement. United for the Same Goal.

The International Community is United for the Blue Economy

Peter Thompson, UN Special Envoy for the ocean

“You cannot have a healthy planet without a healthy ocean”

Nassim Oulmane, Chief of Blue & Green Economy, UN Economic Commission for Africa

African Countries must strengthen institutional capacity in Marine management and integrate biodiversity into their development planning.

Our Plight For Fishermen in Africa

Our reach cuts across all coastlines, lakes and rivers in Africa

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