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The Africa Fishermen Foundation was founded, and still has it’s headquarters in Kenya. Our objective is to spread our wings across the continent and impact lives of fishermen in all fish landing sites on the continent.

Develop innovative solutions for the fishing industry, and improve the lifestyle and welfare of fishermen across Africa, one fishing village at a time.

Highlighting & enhancing the role of fishermen in the blue economy.

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Our background, Our Motivation and Continental Outlook

We are a team of highly motivated young people who are focused on innovations in the blue economy, and impacting the lives of small scale fishermen across the continent.

Since the launch of the first ever Blue Economy Conference in November 2018, the world and Africa as well, has made tremendous strides in development around our Blue Resources.

This includes the Coastal Cities Resilience project in West Africa, the The Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor Project in East Africa, creation of several funding opportunities for the blue economy and many more projects around the continent.
However, what is not being discussed is the welfare of the local fishermen down there in the village, whose space in the Blue Economy keeps diminishing as corporates, major fishing fleets and industrialists take over their space for industrialization, tourism, mining and conservation.

The incessant reports of drowning fishermen in our landing sites, poor quality of life led by the families of fishermen, lack of modern equipment to aid their fishing activities, and their constant alienation from this discussion, leaves them with no hope for the future.

The Africa Fishermen Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering small-scale fishermen in Africa. We work to promote sustainable fishing practices, improve the economic and social well-being of fishermen and their communities, and advocate for policies that protect the rights of fishermen and the marine environment.

At Africa Fishermen Foundation, we believe that small-scale fishermen are the backbone of the African fishing industry and that their contributions to food security, employment, and economic development are essential. However, many small-scale fishermen in Africa face numerous challenges, including overfishing, illegal fishing practices, limited access to markets and technology, and a lack of recognition and support from governments and other stakeholders.

To address these challenges, we work in partnership with fishermen organizations, community groups, governments, and other stakeholders to implement a range of programs and initiatives.

These include capacity building and training programs for fishermen on sustainable fishing practices, the promotion of value-added processing and marketing of fish products, the provision of access to credit and financing, and advocacy and policy engagement to support the rights of fishermen and the marine environment.

Our goal is to create a sustainable and prosperous fishing industry in Africa that benefits both small-scale fishermen and the wider community. We believe that by working together, we can overcome the challenges facing the African fishing industry and create a brighter future for fishermen and their families.

We believe that all these entities can coexist and work together for a common goal in the blue economy. That the Blue Economy cake is too big for all of us and that we don’t have shove away the smaller players for the success of the big boys.

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